Thursday, December 21, 2017

Jane - stop this crazy thing!

If you said, "From the animated TV show The Jetsons, 1962 - 63," you get 25 bonus points.  If you remember that it was from the scene where George is walking Astro the dog on a treadmill, you get another 25 bonus points.

It's Joan, not Jane in our house.  Joan is rigging lights to go on and off by voice command.  And the Christmas tree.  I'm not so sure I like these "household helpers" listening in to everything we say.  If you happen to use the helpers name, she is just hanging on your every word.

On this shortest day of the year, it is warm and windy in the Tropical Tip.  Instead of going outside this morning, I recorded another song - here is With A Little Help From My Friends...

The home-made drum pedals work great, thanks for asking.

One of the nice features of living in a resort area is: no lawn care.  The HOA takes care of all the grass cutting, edging, and blowing the leaf debris off the driveways and streets.  If you want some additional landscaping, that is on your own.  Just as I settled in to lay down a couple tracks this morning, the mower went by right outside that window; followed a few minutes later by the leaf blower.  Drums and bass go directly into the recorder, guitar and vocals are recorded off the mic... which means you need it reasonably quiet to do that.

I am still experimenting with which track to put down first; for me, it just feels more natural to do the guitar and vocals, then add the bass, drums, and a second guitar in Nashville tuning, if desired.  It has been an interesting new challenge.

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