Sunday, February 11, 2018


I made a comparison early on with Rufus and Bat-Mite.  You don't know what Bat-Mite looks like?

Now, seeing a resemblance to Bill the cat; aka Wild Bill, from the 80s Bloom County comic strips...

That may have something to do with the night we had.  Rufus was on his best behavior when we brought him home... quiet, didn't move around much, waiting to see "What's next?"  The first night, he slept on his blanket at the foot of our bed - only got up to use his litter box and one quiet exploratory trip around the motorhome, then back to his blanket.

Last night, things were a bit different.  I knew to expect a difference when Joan said, "Tonight, you keep an eye on him - if he does anything, you are responsible for him."  I got up several times, retrieved him from the living room, and put him back on his blanket.  He didn't stay.  A couple more times, I got up to see where he was and what he was into, and found him being a quiet boy in his carrier (we took the door off).

Before 6:00, he hopped up on my nightstand, then came to spoon with me.  I heard Joan sleepily say, "Put him on his blanket."  I did.  He slithered up to snuggle with her.  I figured there was no more sleep to be had, so I got up and told him, "Come on, let's get you some chow."  He trotted along behind me.

He rubbed my legs while I washed his dishes, then got his food ready.  He gobbled the soft right up, and ate a few bites of the hard.  He meowed his thanks, and I started getting the human people's morning stuff ready: coffee out, hot chocolate out, cups out, a couple pastry bites, and our pills and vitamins.  Without warning, Rufus jumped onto the counter and sent the pills flying!

From the bedroom, Joan said, "Do I need to come out there?"

"Oh, yeah!"  We take an aspirin every morning, I know those can be lethal to cats.  I was down on my hands and knees, looking under and around stuff for the two missing pills; Joan scooped him up and put him in the carrier and put the door back on it.  Pills found, cat controlled, Joan went back to bed.  Looking at Rufus in the carrier, he had one paw through the door and was trying to figure out the latch.  It takes a thumb and a finger to squeeze the release on the door... if he had an opposable thumb, nothing would contain him!

After using his litter box, he had some "wild time"... darting here and there.  Joan got up, scooped him up, and took him back to the bedroom.  She opened the shade on the window by her nightstand and let him look out the window.  (That was one of Izzy's favorite places in the coach.)  He calmed down.

While we had our coffee and hot chocolate and scones, he snuggled by me, then by Joan.  His little face looked up at us... "I'm still sweet, right?"

He's napping right now - I think we're all going to need that.

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