Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Been a while since we've done that...


I'm talking about setting an alarm.  In fact, we had to put new batteries in Joan's alarm clock - I can't remember the last time we needed to set it.

The reason for the early morning (up at 6:15)?  Thanks for asking.  It is Career Day at Steph's school, and we're off to tell them about being a whale watch boat captain.  Not sure what will be the most interesting part for 6th graders: how they play with their food, or the poop-sniffing dogs that researchers use?

Four speakers for each grade, K through 12.  Hope we can find a parking place.



This was very well organized: the speakers went to the library and there were kids with your name on a sign (like at the airport), waiting to escort you to the room where you will be making your presentation.  Of course, Steph had us assigned to her room, so that would not have been necessary, but the kids like to volunteer for that greeter/escort duty.

Once in Steph's room, we had a few minutes to kill, while she gave her homeroom instructions.  Nothing for me to set up, since the presentation was on Steph's classroom computer.  Three sessions for each speaker, 25 minutes each.  Steph gave me last minute "don't say this or that" instructions, the bell rang, and the kids were off to their choice of speakers.

I felt pretty good that this session filled up first - didn't want Steph to be disappointed.  She had the intro slide up when the kids came in...

I told the kids a bit about the San Juan Islands, a brief talk about the exceptional wildlife viewing there, about our tours, then onto the whales!  Some of the kids were familiar with Sea World and Shamoo, but I think it was eye-opening to them to find out how small the Southern Resident Killer Whale population is.

I had enough material to go more than an hour, so I tried to cater the 25 minutes to what the kids were interested in.  They had plenty of good questions.

A five minute break between sessions, while kids rotated from one room to the next.  Steph was looking relieved as the 3rd session got underway... I hadn't embarrassed her.  Towards the end of the last session came the question of: "How do you tell the male Orcas from the females?"

I could see the "Oh, no!" look on her face - pretty sure she was mouthing "Don't say what I think you're going to say..."

I pointed out the differences in their dorsal fins.  ;-)

Steph asked, "Could you tell them about how the research boats get DNA from the Orcas?"

"Certainly!"  I pulled up the image of the research boats and talked about the poop-sniffing dogs and how they gather whale poop to study.  That may have been the highlight of that particular talk.

It went well.  The kids were great, and the sessions were short enough to hold everyone's attention.  Mike, Steph's principal, thanked us on the way out (we've known Mike since he, Steph, and Dan taught at the same school when they first started).

An early start to the day, but our work was done around 10:00.  I took my Honey out for breakfast.  Plenty of time for some shopping that Joan wanted to do, get a car wash, and still be home before 1:00.

Yeah, time for a nap after that early morning.  ;-)


Changed my mind - some guitar time on the patio, with Rufus allowed to explore without his leash.  Don't worry - he wouldn't go far, and if he tried, we'd be right there.  It is getting very quiet in the RV park - about half empty, with more leaving each day.  It's that time.

Oh, and the patio time...

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