Sunday, March 25, 2018

Last Sunday family meal before we roll...

A week from today, we plan to start rolling east.  Whenever we are here, we do a family meal on Sundays with Steph and Dan.  Steph and Joan did the cooking - a beef roast today.  A good meal to have in honor of my Mother - today is her birthday; she would have been 97.  She would always make a roast when we would visit.

Joan surprised them today with another sewing project: a stuffed fish (like the one she made for Rufus) that matches the cat pad she made for them...

It goes great with the black leather furniture and red accessories they have in their living room.

We also brought a couple "puff balls" for the cats - a red one and a green one.  Pretty sure I'm the only one who thought about marine navigation with those.  ;-)

Before eating, Steph and I worked on a Powerpoint presentation for the Career Days sessions I'll be doing at their school this week.  I didn't know if there would be any interest in a Whale Watch Boat Captain presentation in the middle of the desert... Steph said it was the first to fill all three sessions... she may have been lobbying for me.  I know she likes to hear the whale stories.

I gave her plenty of images to select from, and working together, she made a nice looking Powerpoint presentation that will go along with my talk.

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