Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Rufus on a scooter...

Nah, I'm kidding - he's a cat; we're not taking him on the scoots.

An absolutely gorgeous day in the desert - upper 70s, sunny, very little wind, low humidity.  If every day could be like this, the desert southwest would be a glorious place to be.  It has been cooler than normal the past couple weeks... the local weather weasels are almost giddy that there is cool weather.  We like some warmth.  No, not the 120ยบ, heat like the gates of Hell, kinda stuff they see here in the summer.

Joan said, "How about some time on the scoots today?"

It took me almost a nano-second to say, "Absolutely!"

Getting ready at the coach...

Heading out of the RV park...

We talked about what direction to head: there is a nice loop that goes by PIR (Phoenix International Raceway, which is now some other initials), but there is a NASCAR event this week, and I was concerned about traffic heading into the raceway.  Joan likes to leisurely ride through the Sun City area - I mentioned that if we went by Cycle Gear, I would like to look at a mesh armored jacket.  She said, "Let's go to Cycle Gear!"

The surface roads in the western valley make for pleasant scooting...

The speed limits range from 35 to 50 mph; not much traffic.  The roads go through what used to be mostly desert that has been irrigated... citrus orchards and plant nurseries have given way to housing developments.  Decent roads.

We made our way to the Cycle Gear store on Reems Ave.  I've bought gear there before - they are always friendly and helpful.  Today was more of the same - my new best friend Jeremy showed me the different jacket options for what I wanted.  I picked out the one I liked - he rang it up... didn't like the price, so he lowered it another $20.  Ya gotta like that.  The new jacket...

The jacket is mesh, so it allows airflow; it has armor in the shoulders, elbows, forearms, and back.  It's lightweight and comfortable.  Nice and cool to wear in this warm weather.

More comfortable than the lightweight wind shirt (with no armor) that I was wearing to start the ride.

We took the scenic route home, not on any time frame.

OK, that image above doesn't look all that scenic... it was some kind of agricultural field that is between crops.  ;-)

Rufus was waiting for us when we got home.  No, he still doesn't want to go out on the scooters.

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