Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snuggle boy...

Yes, I do enjoy snuggling with the Blonde, but that's not what this post is about.

Rufus has not changed a bit with his desire to be snuggled by his people.  He has settled in at night, knowing that we will still be there, and still give him plenty of attention, in the morning.  He has also learned that he doesn't have to eat every single morsel of food I put down right away... he made it through the night without an automatic feeder, and still had a few bites of hard food this morning.

He has learned that if he gets told, "No!" it doesn't mean we will reject him.  That, "No!" doesn't happen often, only when he puts his claws where they shouldn't be... he has a variety of scratching pads in the motorhome.  He knows not to be up on the table or the kitchen counter... yeah, the bathroom counter is OK, because he likes to look in the mirror.

He has regressed a bit with the leash training.  He won't struggle when I take him out, but he wants to stay close to the door on the coach.  I even tried taking his supper outside yesterday - he stayed by the door; more concerned with security than food.  I won't be rushing him.

He does fine with the car rides, happier to be on Joan's lap than in his carrier.

But, the snuggles...

I hope this never changes.

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