Friday, April 6, 2018

A fine memorial...

I don't like funerals.  Yeah, I know: no one likes funerals.

Today was the memorial for my friend Randy who passed away last week.  This was not a typical funeral, it was a true memorial: there was no casket, no body (ashes), no hearse.  While there were grieving people there, it truly was a celebration of Randy's life.  Three people spoke: a guy who had been Randy's friend since they were small kids; Randy's brother-in-law; and a "newer" friend of 20 years.

They all related good times and what a good guy Randy was.  Moments were sad because of the loss, but it was all very upbeat.  The funeral home was packed... as in: every seat in every pew was full and there were people standing.  Randy had a lot of friends.  A lot of what was said revolved around sailing.  And, Randy's good nature.

We will miss him.

I had to stop to take this photo as we left...

That is a vintage Rolls Royce - it has been Randy's Dad's, and then Randy's.  There were stories of Randy driving his friends around in that car when they were in high school... taking it to the drive-in... pizza parties in the back seat.  Not easy to keep it in driving condition, but Randy loved that car and the memories.  Almost as much as he loved the sailboat that has been in the canal across the street from our house... since he first got it in the 80s.  Another labor of love.

Randy leaves behind his wife Cindy, two daughters,  Brittany and Hillary, and a grandson, Cooper.  And, many, many friends.


Conchscooter said...

That looks like a Silver Cloud, which my father never let me drive on the road - just as well as the gear shift is by the driver's door which was odd even then. A fine way to see your buddy off.

Jim Thornton said...

That was a nice tribute to your friend Randy, here on your blog, Capt.