Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Running errands...

Well, that is a misnomer, because there was no "running" involved.  We made a trip to the big city today, to pick up a few things at Sam's Club, get the oil in the Honda changed, and get me a Chick-fil-A sandwich.  We accomplished most of that - after waiting 45 minutes for a "10 minute oil change" that we were told they'd get to us in 15 minutes (you following that?), I told Joan I was done waiting, and we got into our car, backed out of line, and left.

At Sam's Club, Joan asked if I wanted a motorized cart... "I'm good."  I think she was impressed that I was able to walk through that whole store and not hold her up.  Hey, I am used to walking 3 times daily in the heat and humidity - Sam's Club is air conditioned... that was easy!

As of last night, I am walking around the house without a cane.  Most of the time.  Of course, there are countertops and furniture close at hand that I can use for support if necessary.  Anything beyond the front door is still with a cane.  Although, I did go for a bicycle ride in the early evening and intentionally left the cane behind.  I can use the bicycle for support if walking, and I wasn't planning on any stops and walk-abouts for my ride.  I am not easing up on the exercising/walking/bike riding, and I am seeing the results.

I think any "running" is behind me, but I am looking forward to a time when I can take a nice, leisurely walk, without any "support" equipment.  I can see it on the horizon.  :-)

Monday, June 17, 2019

The Strawberry Moon...

No, tonight's full moon isn't going to look like a giant strawberry.  This was the full moon to let Native Americans know that it was time to harvest the wild strawberries.

A little later, as the moon got higher in the sky, and less viewing through the atmosphere (no color manipulation on either photo)...

3 f/stops brighter after it was higher, as well.  Yeah, I shoot these on manual to get the detail in the exposure.

I was happy to go out to photograph this one, even though the mosquitoes were just coming out, too.  I was still on a walker at last month's full moon, and going down the stairs in the dark was out of the question.

Earlier today, I photographed another heavenly body: she was holding her new American flag kit she bought...

The flag, the flag pole, the mount, and a solar light.  Now we need to decide where to mount it.

Can I get a lift?

No, we're not putting in a device to get me up the stairs.  Well, we don't have any stairs in the house, just the steps that lead up to our front door.  And, I am doing those with alternating steps.

Joan was getting ready to go to the store.  I jokingly asked, "Can you give me a ride up and down our street, so I can get my 'mileage' in?"

She countered with, "How 'bout I give you a ride to the Event Center and you can walk back?  You'll get some different scenery."

While I do look around while I'm walking, it isn't for the scenery... but, yeah, time to change it up.  She dropped me off in the parking lot of our Event Center, and I walked home while she went to the store.

Along the golf course...

Past a couple canals...

It was a lovely walk, not just because of the change of scenery.  Earlier, a gust front had come through, with a change of wind direction... and it dropped the temperature and humidity.  It was 78º when I got out of the car, and not much wind.  Really nice.

When Joan got back from the store shortly after I got home, the temp was up to 84º, with a warm wind and more humidity.  Things can change fast here.  Glad I got out when I did.

It's been weeks...

We had our Monday morning breakfast out.  Yep, Pier 19, where every table/booth has a view of the water.  This morning, we saw a couple dolphins.  Briefly.  It has literally been weeks since we have seen dolphins.  Normally, if we were still here this time of year, we would be out on our boat, seeing dolphins daily.  Since the boat is still waiting for us in our storage unit, the only time we have seen dolphins this season has been while driving over the bridge to get on or off our island... and they haven't been there in quite a while.

I miss those delightful cetaceans.

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Stand tall...

Joan asked if I'd play guitar for her this morning.  I aim to please.  I sat on the couch and played my X7 (the smallest of my Emeralds, and the guitar that has been getting the most play since the surgery).

When sitting with the X7, I hold it slightly tilted up.  The sound hole on the X7 opens to the front (my other Emeralds open to the front and up)... from a sitting position, and tilted slightly back, the X7 sounds much bigger than it is.

Since the hip is improving, I decided to play while standing (something I haven't done since before the surgery)... the X7 sounds much smaller from that position, since the sound hole is projecting all the sound forward (not upward).  Joan said, "Try it with one of your other guitars."  I got the X20 and gave it a go... yep, that sounds BIG, from any position.  Size, and position, matter.

The take way here isn't all about the guitars... it is about the standing to play.

Another step forward.  Get it?  "Step."  On that front, I am able to do a few steps at a time without the cane.  Yep, another step forward.

As far as "standing tall"... well, I am apparently standing medium these days.  Officially 5' 9" at the doctor's office.  But, I don't list to the left like I used to.  ;-)

Happy Father's Day!

I won't get to see our daughter today.  The last time we got to spend Father's Day together was in 2008, when they came to visit us while we were working in Yellowstone.  While I would love to see her face-to-face, I carry her in my heart... everyday.

There is something special about being a Father... Dad... Pops.  It is a life-long endeavor, no matter the miles that separate you.  It makes you want to be a better man.  I take some time to reflect on those Dad moments.  I can't speak for all Dads, but my best memories are not just Dad and daugher... they are always with the 3 of us.  Because, without my lovely wife, I could not be the Dad I am.

The years as the protector.  The encourager.  The turn-her-loose-but-still-be-there years.  The prideful look-at-her-being-an-adult years.  Then, if you are fortunate enough to get a bunch of years, the reversal of roles, where she worries more about your welfare (because you know she can take care of herself).  The time that comes to mind was when we were on our boat, out of any kind of phone coverage... for longer than anticipated... and when I was able to call: "Where have you people been?  I was worried sick!"  (Kinda makes up for some of those teenager years.)

And most recently, when hip recovery wasn't going as fast or as smooth as I had hoped, the daily phone calls from my sweet girl.  It made a difference.

Like being a Dad... it makes a difference.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Not talking about the walking, the bicycle riding, or the physical therapy instructed exercises I'm doing daily.  The generator in the motorhome needs to be exercised once a month or so... I'm a bit behind on that.

Off to our storage unit (38 miles inland); I backed the motorhome out, Joan started the generator and turned on the air conditioning so the gen would have a load on it.

We looked everything over in the motorhome - all good.  I walked around outside it and did a short "run-through" as though I was hooking up utilities.  Pretty sure I can do this.  Driving the coach is a piece of cake: the seats are comfortable and access is good.

Yeah, I can do this.  One more "follow up visit" to the surgeon's office in a couple weeks, then we'll see how things are going.