Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tag team and mañana...

I had to call the shutter guy this morning - yep, one of the shutters was stuck in the up position.  To his credit, he said, "I'll be out there around 1:00," and he was here around noon...

When they took the shutter down, it was apparent that the problem wasn't the shutter, but the hole that was drilled to run the shaft through the wall to the exterior.  As near as I can tell, they started from the outside, trying to line up with the fixture that was already inside.  It didn't line up.

Complicating matters: the inside connection is right up against some very pretty crown molding in our bedroom.  "We're going to have to pull that molding off."

"No, you're not.  That was custom done.  It worked before the shutters were removed - we need to make it work now."  Well, there was a bit more discussion than that.

In the middle of dealing with this, the concrete truck showed up... with a bunch of workers.  I said, "Joan, can you keep an eye on the concrete while I finish dealing with these shutters?"

Tag team.

She ram-rodded that crew.  I "borrowed" the drill with the extra long bit from the shutter guy and drilled it out.  It took both of us to finesse the fitting back behind the crown molding.  Amazingly, the concrete crew had that long line poured before the shutter guys could finish rehanging the shutter.

And Joan handled all those guys just fine...

Then, as fast as the flurry of activity hit, it ended.  It was quiet.  They all left.  We visited with the guy who will be doing some paver stone work - he will get that done after the concrete has set up.  He was already trying to do a sales job on Joan to do more work on our parking.  Ummm... my dance card is full.

The only thing left to get done today was the refrigerator repair.  When mid-afternoon rolled around and there was no sign of them, Joan called the store.  Yeah, they lied - there is no repair man coming today.  Oh, there was an excuse, but we are dealing with the mañana attitude.  For the most part, we have been able to stay on top of that... not much you can do about it when they say they're coming and they don't.

"We'll be there first thing in the morning.  Really."

In the grand scheme of things, the fridge repair is the most minor of what we are trying to get done.  Doesn't make it any less frustrating.  Talking with the guy who is doing the paver stones was interesting: when you tell him HOW you want it done, he doesn't speak much English... his English got WAY better when he was later trying to sell Joan on more work.

Funny how that happens.


No loud pounding noises this morning.

The Blonde and I walked around the house, discussing some details before the different work crews are done.  Today is concrete day.  And, refrigerator repair day.

We know what the cost will be on both of those.  Doesn't make it any less painful.  They must all use the same scheduling school.  We were told "1:00 pour for the concrete."

Our builder told us, "Don't count on that meaning they will be there at 1:00.  Hopefully, they will make it some time in the afternoon."

The refrigerator repair guys told us, "1:00.  Well, sometime in the afternoon."

Noncommittal.  It isn't just a job - it's a way of life.

Monday, October 20, 2014

The beat goes on...

On and on...

Noise at both ends of the house right now: the concrete guys are finishing up the forms; the hurricane shutter guy has his crew working on the other end of the house.

I was surprised to see this earlier...

The guy on the left is standing in the water, while they put the forms in place.  I would say he definitely drew the short straw.

Early this afternoon, the hurricane shutter guy showed up; we thought he was coming tomorrow.  ANY time is good; early is even better.  They started working before the owner got to our door...

Bit by bit, we are making progress...

Jackhammering done...

Still not peaceful - today, the concrete guys are putting forms in... lot of cutting and hammering.

On the bright side: there was some concern that we might have the ground behind our seawall washing away.  That would be a very expensive repair.  Disaster averted - when they finished the deconstruction of the seawall cap, we found it was just the cap separating/deteriorating.  In the middle of ever-escalating costs, this was a relief.

In the midst of all this, we are feeling quite a case of cabin fever.  I am impressed that the concrete guys worked over the weekend, but it also meant that we were barely able to get away for a late lunch (after they were done).  All the different workers (except the hurricane shutter guy) have been here when they said they would be here.

The new schedule is to start the dock planking on Thursday.  I am sure there will be plenty of noise during that building.  I think the neighbors will be happy when this is all done, too.

Sunday, October 19, 2014


No, I'm not comparing my age to the averages.

We built our house here in the Tropical Tip eleven years ago.  I am pretty sure everything we put in the house had a 10 year life span.  I wrote about the fridge.  Joan knew that the garbage disposal was going to be due for a change out and had ordered a new one last week.  It came in Friday.

Today was NGDD: new garbage disposal day.

I have mentioned in the past that Joan is our plumber.  My specialty is comic relief and looking pretty.  Joan thinks doing electrical work falls into my jurisdiction, too.  So, we worked together on getting the disposal installed...

I wired it up and did the lifting.  Joan did the plumbing.  We are a good team.  It works.

And no one had to look at "plumber butt."


On another front, the cement crew finished jackhammering our seawall cap today.  I am SO glad to not have to hear that racket up close and personal.  I was amazed that they worked on a Sunday.  Tomorrow, they build the forms; Tuesday, they pour.

The hurricane shutter guy is supposed to come back on Tuesday, too.  IF that all goes down as it is supposed to (rare), the builder can get our dock done by the end of the week.  I will be happy to get our "no schedule" life back.


Saturday, October 18, 2014

The tranquility of island living...

The peace... the quiet... the sound of the jackhammer right outside our door!

Yes, the cement guys did show up.  I went next door and apologized to the neighbors for what is going to be a very noisy few days.  Joan said, "Do you suppose the guy running the jackhammer drew the short straw?"

This is what they do.  And sometimes, you have to work on a Saturday.  The original plan was to start the dock construction yesterday, so we are already behind... not that we have a schedule.  In the meantime, we are a bit of an eyesore...

When done, the dock will have all composite planking and white railings to match the house.  Oh, and a new cement cap on the seawall.

Friday, October 17, 2014

I got bills, they're multiplyin'...

And, I'm loosing control.
'Cause the money, I'm supplyin'
It's electrifyin'.

Apologies to John Farrar, who wrote that song for Grease.

We had a plan: let's update the dock.  We knew what that would cost.  Then, the discussion of composite material instead of wood.  Oh, and you probably want white composite railings on that to match the house.  By the way, we seem to have a little leak on a bedroom window.  Oh, those hurricane shutters are going to have to come off of there - we'll get the shutter guy out to handle that.

Oh, we took the old dock out, and you better come look at this (never a good thing to hear) - your seawall cap is in bad shape.  I can get a concrete guy out here to pour a new cap for this, but we're going to have to get right on it - you don't want to have to cut out the composite stuff once we put it down - that stuff is expensive.

As long as the shutter guy is here, can he take a look at another shutter that is moving up and down hard?

Did you notice that the fridge is making a funny noise?  (You mean like the horn on a clown car?  No, I didn't think so.)  Jim, the guys from the appliance place are here to look at the fridge.  This is acting weird - I haven't seen one of these do this.  We'll order a part and let you know when it will be in and how much it will cost.  Will that part fix the problem?  I hope so.  We unplugged it and plugged it back in, and it's working now - but we'll still order the part.  Swell.

The shutter guy had to leave - he will order parts and get back to you.  On those white railings for the dock, do you want the top rail horizontal or vertical?  Horizontal?  Oh, I ordered them vertical - let me call them.  The concrete guy didn't call back yet, but I know another guy.  (There's always another guy... and another bill... I swear, these guys are like the medical profession, always calling in another specialist... and another bill.)

My money is disappearing like... greased lightning.