Monday, March 14, 2011

CAT ON A LEASH is now available in paperback!!

Do you suffer from flat feet, thinning hair, and that over-all tired feeling? When you're in social situations, do you have little to add to the conversation? Well, cheer up, Bucky, ‘cause we have what you need to put that ZING back in your life! From the people who brought you "The Cruising Adventures of Wild Blue and Crew" and "Life In the Love Shack," it's the true life travel adventures of Molly the cat and her family in the exciting book, Cat On A Leash! Read this book and people will find you more interesting and intelligent ("Why, yes, I did read a book."), the opposite sex will find you more attractive ("Oh, you look so hot holding that copy of Cat On A Leash!), and you will be more successful ("I just won the World Series of Solitaire! I was going to go to Disneyland, but instead, I'm going to buy and read Cat On A Leash!").

Until now, Cat On A Leash was only available at fine websites everywhere as an eBook - but, now you can get a beautiful signed paperback copy at a special “early bird” price!

While doing the formatting for a POD (Print On Demand) book, I discovered that the retailers and bookstores get the biggest portion of the price of that book - more than the publisher, and certainly more than the struggling author. One of those on-line book sellers would have required that the price of the book be nearly $20 (plus shipping). That’s right - the same price that would allow you to buy 5 gallons of fuel... well, if you buy it right away... wait a week and you might only get a couple gallons for that price!

But, if you are willing to buy direct, the price of the book will only be $10.50, plus $6.00 for Priority shipping. That’s right - only $16.50, delivered to your door.

You can pay by PayPal or credit card via the secure PayPal site; if you contact me via e-mail at:

with your name, shipping address, and how you would like the book signed, we can get things going.

If you would prefer to buy the book through the Lulu Marketplace, it will be $11.99 plus shipping (shipping price will vary):

At this time, those are the only outlets where you can buy your own copy of Cat On A Leash. My supplies are limited, but Lulu will make as many as you want.

As usual, the various e-versions will still be available on Smashwords ( and also on the Lulu site.

My thanks for your support and encouragement on this project. There is sailing/boating/RVing travel content in the book, as well as the story of Molly... THE cat on a leash.

Cat On A Leash - highly recommended by the author! Be the first on your block to own a copy or twelve!

Best wishes,
Jim Bathurst

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