Saturday, April 20, 2013

Beach 'n Bikers, 'n Bottom...

Bottom paint, that is.  Today was the perfect day for touching up the Wild Blue's bottom paint: temperature in the 70s, very little breeze, sunny, and reasonably low humidity.  I gathered up my supplies, carted them to the boat, and went to work...

Joan got these photos early on in the process - no paint on me or the drop cloth, yet...

I used a creeper to get under the boat, but the trailer supports didn't give quite enough room for me and the creeper, so I had to slither to the middle part.  With the toughest to reach places done, I taped off the waterline and prettied up the sides.  She will be ready to go back in the water... whenever we are ready.

While I was working on the boat, Joan was sitting on the couch, watching TV and eating bon-bons.  NO, I'm kidding... she was hard at work, sewing the cover and making fitted sheets for the v-berth...

Some folks have looked at that v-berth and said, "Can you two fit in there?"  It takes a king-size memory foam to cover the v-berth.  Well, you have to cut some away where it tapers down to the "V" (Oh, so that's why they call it a v-berth!)... so you have plenty of room at your shoulders, and you get to play footsies when you sleep.  Here's a look at the memory foam with the cover on top of our queen size bed...

Alternatively, you can sleep on a diagonal and have more foot room.  I don't mention that to the Blonde, 'cause I like the footsies part.  ;-)

I was done before Joan, but it took me a while to put away the supplies and clean the paint off my hands... time for a soak in the jacuzzi tub to ease the aches and pains.

When I was taking used paint stuff to the garbage, one of our neighbors said to me, "Did you see all the motorcycles in town?  They are everywhere!"

I told her a bit about living in the Black Hills and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally... "I've seen that on TV," she said, "It looks scary to me."

Nowhere near as scary as her job: teaching middle school.

We took the scooters to get a bite to eat and run some errands.  The Beach 'n Biker Fest is in swing on South Padre Island.  We did our running in Port Isabel, and there was definitely more bikes in town than normal.  Not what I would call "everywhere," but there were bikes.  Not the hundreds of thousands we saw for 30 years of the Sturgis Rally.  ;-)

I asked Joan if she wanted to ride over to the island, but she had more work to do.  I rode home with her, put her bike away while she carried groceries inside, then I headed off for South Padre Island... well, it's just on the other side of the Causeway.

I was expecting WAY more bikes on the main drag of South Padre... umm, not so much.  At a stoplight, I heard the people in the SUV next to me talking, "So, where are all the bikes?"  Yes, the Honda PCX is so quiet you can hear the people in the vehicle next to you talking.  ;-)

I stopped to wait for some photo ops, but the biggest group of people on motorcycles was about 6 at a time... and the cars on the street outnumbered the bikes by about 50 to 1.  Still, it is more bikes than a normal weekend.  For full disclosure, I didn't go up to the Convention Center where the activities are based.

There were a few bikes at the different restaurants and bars, but I'm sure my take on this is colored by the endless sea of bikes on Sturgis Main Street...

... on a "quiet morning" during the Rally.

For more info on Beach 'n Biker Fest:

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