Thursday, April 18, 2013

So, I had a plan...

Start waxing on the top of the boat.  The temperature is supposed to cool off some tomorrow, so finish the waxing then.  The Blonde lured me... she made me a nice breakfast... it would be rude to miss a nice breakfast 'cause you were out waxing a boat.  Then she said, "Will you play some music after you wax the boat?"

"Umm, I'm pretty sure my hands won't be in any shape for the guitar after that buffer."

"Well, why don't you play some music now and wax afterwards?"

I'm totally good with putting off physical labor... "OK, since you asked so nicely."

With the concert complete, I put on my waxing outfit (a well-worn long-sleeve white shirt, old shorts, and a wide brim hat), gathered up the ladder and cleaning supplies, and headed for the boat.

It was HOT.  And to go with that, it was humid.  As in: temps pushing into the 90s, with the humidity percent close behind that.  I climbed to the top of the boat... even though it is white, it was hot to the touch.  I tried some wax on there, and it turned to a consistency of old chewing gum on a hot sidewalk.  Yeah, I'm going to be changing this plan.

I moved all my waxing stuff to the starboard hull... it was the shady side of the boat.  Starting at the stern and working forward, everything got two good coats of wax.  Areas where the fenders hang most frequently got a couple more coats.

I came back in the house to hydrate, medicate, and have a late lunch.  Continuing with the new plan, I will go to the other side of the boat when the sun has moved far enough to put the port side in the shade.  Sitting down wasn't part of that plan... it was hard to get back up after lunch.

Back into the heat and a repeat of the first round on the other side of the boat.  My arms were feeling a bit rubbery by the time I finished that side.

When I came in, Joan said, "Looking at the hourly reports, the weather is supposed to turn.  That hot southerly wind is going to clock around to north.  And really blow."

It had been windy most of the time I was out there.  It was still and hot when I came in... here comes the change.

I crawled into the jacuzzi tub to soak away the aches; by the time I got out, the wind was out of the north at 20 and increasing.  The temp had dropped 15º.

No doubt there is going to be some spotty precip sometime in the next few hours to go along with frontal passage... I am sure the boat will get spotted up, but there is a very pretty wax job under that... of course, I may be the only one who appreciates that.

I had planned for a scooter ride after I was done cleaning up... yeah, that didn't happen, either.  Maybe tomorrow?  After I finish waxing the cabin top?  But, I'm not making any firm plans.  ;-)

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