Friday, November 6, 2015

Everything's coming up roses...

No, I have not gotten into flower gardening.

We were feeling the need to get out of town... well, Joan said, "How about Texas Roadhouse for lunch today?" and I was all over that.  Besides, there is a new Dick's Sporting Goods in Brownsville, and we haven't been to Brownsville since we've been home.

A warm, mostly sunny day... the a/c in the truck felt good as we made our way on Hwy 48, past the Port of Brownsville.  Looks like things are booming there: drilling rigs being built, ships being dismantled.

I pulled up the whereabouts of the new Dick's store on my Apple Watch - it is in the Sunrise Mall.  Pretty impressive - they have an entrance on both sides of the mall.  Most of the Dick's we have been in are two-story stores - this one is single story, really high ceilings, and they built the store over the top of what used to be stores on either side of the enclosed mall... big... it is a nice addition to the community and the mall.

Nothing we particularly needed, but I did find a couple things.  Looking around, we had interaction with several store staff - everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.  That isn't always the case when we're shopping in Brownsville.  OK, not just Brownsville.  Before heading back to the truck, Joan saw a new shoe store and decided to look around in there.  Same thing: friendly, helpful people; huge selection.

We both commented about this refreshing change.  On to Texas Roadhouse... the parking lot was packed!  We drove around and found the last available parking spot.  I was dreading what I expected to be a lengthy wait... at 2:00 in the afternoon... really, I expected the place to be empty.  The restaurant was just as packed as the parking lot, but... there was no wait!  Our waiter could not have been friendlier or more efficient.  The food was good.  And plentiful.

This may not seem "discussion worthy"... it really isn't what we've come to expect with past experience.

The drivers didn't seem to be crazy aggressive.  This is a really big deal.  Maybe it is a change of weather?  Mid-80s, but it was dry while we were in Brownsville... and rained at home while we were out of town.  Must be my clean livin'.  They are predicting a "cool down" for the weekend... a good chance of rain (not the poundings of the last two weekends), with a high a high around 70º for Sunday.  One of the TV weather weasels said, "You may need to get out your sweaters and winter wear for this weekend..."



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