Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Honey, I want to do something different in the bedroom...

"Let me show you what I have been looking at on the internet."

Yep, that's what she said.  Made my ears perk up... "You have my attention."

Turns out, she was talking about different furniture.  "What do you think about this color for a cabinet?"

Bait and switch?  I rate shopping for furniture right up there with getting a root canal.  OK, maybe worse, because a root canal is usually over in one visit.


Thank you, Veterans!  Today is Veterans Day.  Mike and MJ asked if we wanted to go see Leslie (a singer) at a Veterans Day program on the island.

Sure.  We made a lunch date first, then rode with them to the program.  Leslie is a local favorite - she entertains all over the Valley.

The program started with an Honor Guard from the Fire Department...

Recognizing Vets in the audience.  A talk from the Mayor and past Mayor, the Leslie did her program - songs from wartimes through the years, from the Civil War to the War on Terrorism.  Certainly more upbeat than that description would seem.  Our first time seeing her - she is a good singer and entertainer.

A full house...

Mostly our age and older, although Leslie did introduce a young man who just came back from Afghanistan.

A moving program, an enjoyable afternoon.

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