Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Friday, and you know what that means...

Yeah, I'm retired... weekday, weekend, doesn't matter.  Mother Nature turned on the water works again; and more of the same through the weekend, with cooler weather and wind thrown in... just to remind us that it is winter in the rest of the country.

I did get out for a walk this morning, in between the sprinkles.  Now, at noon, it is a steady rain.  I was thinking I might get out on the scoot.  Now, I'm thinking not.

A nice ride yesterday, rode up the the island, beyond the developed part, out as far as the "Adventure Park."  There has been an equistrian concession north of town for years, offering "horseback riding on the beach."  Looks as though they moved north a few miles and added a zip line.

If you haven't been to South Padre Island, it is a long, narrow, flat barrier island.  At its widest, it is about a half mile wide (and 35 miles long).  Only the southern 4 miles or so are developed.  The Adventure Park is well north of that.  I was interested in seeing the zip line.  Yep, up on a raised platform.  Not a lot of distance between where the road ends and the bay begins on that side of the island.  While I am not a zip line riding kinda guy, I would think it would be more of an adventure to go zipping through a forest.  No forests on this island.  Sand dunes.  Oh, well, I'm sure some would consider that an "adventure."

Speaking of Mother Nature and winter, I am aware that parts of the country are getting snow.  We have drifts to contend with here, too...

When I got towards the end of the road, there were two front end loaders moving sand that had drifted onto the road.  Beats shoveling show.  ;-)

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