Sunday, November 8, 2015

May be something to that El Niño stuff...

We have been home just over 3 weeks now... and each weekend has had some rainy weather.  If you have seen the national weather, the previous two weekends were heavy rain... a lot of south Texas experienced flooding.  Some areas are still experiencing that flooding; not because of the newest rain, with water hasn't drained off.

I got out on the paddleboard early yesterday.  We took the scoots out for a late breakfast.  This newest round of wind and a little rain blew in late yesterday.  Guess we'll be "cocooning" today.  Movies and chili.  A nap.  Some guitar time.

Into the afternoon, the sky is looking less gray, the wind is down to about 22 mph out of the northeast, and the weasels are saying the precip has moved on.  Too blustery still for me to want to get out there, but we can have the door open, for a change.

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