Sunday, November 15, 2015


A lovely day in the Tropical Tip: high around 79º, mostly sunny, breezy.  Things have been pretty quiet on the "scooter tag" thread... the last tag was "your scooter by something positive;" it showed a photo of the scoot in front of a sign that read: Positively no beer or alcoholic beverages on these premises.

The tag went for several days with no action.  So...

That is a battery charger with the positive clip showing.  Sometimes you have to think outside the box.  Or sign.

After getting and posting that photo, we rode around town, getting a good archive of new scooter tag photos ready.  Mostly, it was just to be out and about on the scoots in the nice weather.  Being practical, we also took our SUVs (Scooter Utility Vehicles) to the grocery store.

Nice day to be in the Tropical Tip.


Michael said...

You may be able to use your Hasselbald / Zeiss lenses on the Sony Alpha "E" amount cameras with an adapter. The A7II and the A7Rii (a bit pricey) along with the correct adapter, which I believe FotodioX makes one.
PS: This is from "BoodaLu" and my wife and I met you and Joan in California one summer at your work. I sold my TomCat last year. and ended up buying a restaurant (the BoodaLu Steakhouse) in Quincy, IL and find it fun to run but lots of work (I tell people I used to be retired, now I am just tired). Alway enjoy reading your blog.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Michael. Thanks, but I don't see using my manual focus Zeiss lenses these days... when my little point & shoot or a DSLR does the work for me. ;-) That equipment (Hasselblad) was state of the art in its day - just a "keepsake" now. I don't wanna go back!

I did trip the shutter a couple times, though... love that sound. Unique; like a Harley or a radial airplane engine. :-)