Monday, November 2, 2015

Wha's SUP?

Things to do and Mother Nature occasionally being snitty have gotten in the way of getting out on the Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).  This morning, no excuse: the weather is gorgeous: 72º, sunny, calm.

My achy ol' bones have me being protective, but a trip up and down the canal should be pretty low impact.  And it was.  Once I got myself in an upright position.  It has been months since I've had the opportunity, and I was a bit rusty; paddled around on my knees for just a bit to get used to the balance again, then came alongside our dock to pull myself up on the board.  With encouragement from my "ground crew."

Officials are telling us the red tide is all but gone, but I can taste it as I paddle.  No, I didn't fall in, but you can see the reddish-green in the water.  Hopefully, it will soon be completely gone.

When I got back, I pulled the board up on our dock and gave it a thorough rinsing and cleaning...

Check out the water behind me in that top photo - looks like glass.

After getting the board spruced up, Joan brought Izzy outside.  She hasn't been getting out, other than on our deck.  She does not like to walk on her leash when we're home... not like there is a lot of activity here right now, but it sure isn't as quiet as our RV spot in the San Juans this past summer.  Joan brought the leash out with Izzy - I am the cat walker, so Joan handed me the leash and we went to the street in front of the house.  Like my paddleboard trek this morning, it wasn't a lengthy outing, but Iz did fine.

Back to our deck for breakfast al fresco.  Well, not for Iz - she gets breakfast as soon as we get up, but she joined us out there...

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