Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Arc-y sparky...

That's what an old sailing friend (Steve) called it when thunderstorms moved through the area.  The clear & sunny forecast we checked before arriving in Denison turned out to be close... well, except for the rain and thunderstorms that rolled over us last night.  In true small-town Iowa fashion, we did get to hear the discussion of "How much rain did you get?"

Turns out the answer for us was 6/10ths.

I slept through most of it.  The rain continued off and on early this morning... Joan said, "It's a good thing we did our 'back road adventure' yesterday when it was dry."  Good point - I would not want to be anywhere near those roads after a rain.

We had breakfast with John, visited for a while, then gave him a break (from us), while we did some trip planning back at the coach.  We have a plan for the next 5 days - and some more Iowa touring.  We will be rolling into an area without reservations, but (like where we're currently staying), a pretty good idea that we'll find a site available at a county fairgrounds, then actually made a reservation for another park further down the road for Sunday and Monday.  That's about as far ahead as I can think... but I know the 4th of July (on a Tuesday) is coming up... we'll see what turns up.

We have had a great time visiting with my brother-in-law... I will be sad to say good-bye.  But, time to head down the road tomorrow.  We are enjoying our time in Iowa.

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