Saturday, June 17, 2017

Catch up...

We considered making a day trip to another town, but the forecast for "clear and sunny" had turned into: rain with a chance of thunderstorms.  Not taking any chances - areas all around us have been hit by hail and strong winds.

Instead, we made today a "getting stuff done" day.  We bought an Oxygenics shower-head a while back and have been using that... using the previous shower-head holder, which was not a great fit.  What should have been a 10 minute job of swap out one mount, put on another, turned into an hour of getting a screw out, caulking the 5 holes that were under that previous mount, then mounting up the new holder.  And, of course, hitting "something solid" behind the shower wall (and trusting it wasn't a water line... it wasn't).

We did some grocery shopping, took care of some correspondence, and little Izzy got a walk.  Izzy and Joan got their own private concert, while the X7 got some play-time.

In the last 24 hours, 5 more RVs have come into the fairgrounds... and, even though there are several more rows of sites, they have all located right around us.  Yeah, we know the best sites when we see 'em.  This means little Izzy can't just walk wherever she wants, especially since 3 of the 5 have dogs.

As we get into early evening, the severe weather seems to have missed us once again; we have had sprinkles on and off, but nothing solid, and no thunderstorms or hail.

Tomorrow, we will hit the road again, hopefully do some sight-seeing along the way; and, we have a real reservation for the next couple nights.

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