Monday, June 19, 2017


A breezy, but sunny day in eastern Iowa.  The humidity is low, the temperature started the day around 60 and is supposed to be in the upper 70s again today.

Since we left home, the coach has been driven in wind and rain.  Blowing dust followed by just enough sprinkles to make sure that dirt sticks.  We try to avoid gravel, but excrement occurs.  What I'm saying: the lovely Aspect was one grubby RV when we pulled in to this RV park yesterday.

The park allows "bucket washing"... they don't want you using a bunch of water and leaving the RV site a wet mess.  I understand that.  Most RV parks don't allow any washing of vehicles or RVs.  With the cool start to the day, we got after it... with two buckets and a lot of trips back and forth.  Joan took one side; I took the other... and the back and the front - washing the coach has always been my domain.  It takes a little longer while sharing the buckets (one with soapy water, one with clear).  I have a great expandable-length brush (of sorts) that allows you to get to all the high places without having to use a ladder.  That brush (of sorts) was made for the "dry washing" stuff, so it holds two large (miracle) cloths on each side, designed to take any water off the coach... or with the "dry wash" stuff: one wet side, one dry side.

The wind was strong enough (18+ mph) that we couldn't leave the awning out most of the time - meaning that was the sunny side... and you have to work faster on the sunny side, to get the water off before it dries, leaving water spots.

The front of the coach is a bug killing field.  I scrubbed like crazy on there, had it looking good, then when I came back for a "second check," I found more bug splats... I'm thinking they are fresh - bugs who decided to commit suicide while flying at us at 65 mph.  It's the only logical answer.  The second pass pretty well took care of the bug guts.

I have to say, the coach cleans up good; pretty paint on there that looks a lot better clean than road weary.  The weasels are now calling for a 20% chance of precip this afternoon... I'm hoping that misses us, but at least the road grime is off.

Looking good!  Check out the shine...

Little Izzy got some grass time afterwards...

We'll be out for the afternoon, to check out the other Amana Colonies and search for a Maid-Rite (east Iowa's answer to the Tastee Inn & Out).

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