Thursday, June 8, 2017


A few last minute items that we use in the house and the coach to be loaded this morning.  While I carted things out, Joan did her last minute cleaning; turn off the water, put down the hurricane shutters, double lock the doors, make sure the house monitors and camera is on and... we're off.

It has been less than 2 months, but it always takes a couple days to get back into the swing of being RVers, and make sure we have all systems functioning.  The traffic was light as we left our island, heading west, then north, then northeast...

We intentionally planned today to be a easy day, about 240 miles to an RV park we're familiar with.  As we neared Corpus Christi, my belly was telling me it was time for lunch.  You do not get a body like this without maintaining it...

Chili-cheese dog: not just for breakfast anymore.  I got our rig as close to the Schnitz as I could, Joan went to order (no, we don't fit in the drive-through), I checked on the car and coach, and we dined in the luxurious comfort of Chez Winne (also known as the dinette in the coach).  I haven't had Weinerschnitzel since we were in Phoenix.  I told Joan, "Don't let 'em try to up-sell you on the all-beef hot dogs... I want the original dogs, made with eyeballs, lips, and gonads!"  Tasty!

Rolling out of the Corpus area, we could see some potential rain ahead.  Joan pulled up weather radar... "Yep, it is going to move right across us, about 3 miles ahead."

Dark and pounding.  Ugly.  In less than 10 minutes...

That's nice... I was concerned that the coach might be a bit too clean.  Not any more.  15 minutes later, "Yep, here comes another cell, and the road ahead is going to turn right into it."

Just what you want to see when there are "Roads May Flood" signs.  Swell.  Less than 10 minutes later...

Blue sky ahead.

It was hot and humid when we pulled into the RV park.  It has been a couple years since we stopped at this one; the rates have gone up about 60% since our last visit, a sign that the RV industry must be doing OK.

I needed to dump our holding tank, having started the sanitizing process before we left home, so we needed a site with good utility access...

Nice long, paved sites.  We pumped the fresh water tank into the gray tank, dumped the gray, and refilled the fresh - we are good to go.

Joan was busy arranging things when I came in, so I set up the TV for the cable here at the park... any idea what remote runs what??

It took me a while to get the darn TVs turned on.  I forgot that each TV also has a wall switch so they can be taken out of the electric system when conserving battery power.  I remember now.

About 240 miles today.  We were down just after 3:00, and it was time.  I am a bit worn out from all the moving out/moving in, but looking forward to be on the road again.  (Cue the Willie Nelson music.)

And little Izzy?  She is fine with being an RV cat.  Generally when we are rolling, she goes back to her "house" in the bedroom.  I guess she forgot about that because she sat up front with us for the first half hour.  Then, when wandering, discovered her "house" again... "Hey, you guys OK up there?  I'll be back here when it's time for lunch."


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