Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Somethin's up, huh?

Little Izzy knows.  Oh, she is pampered - doesn't have to do any of the packing, loading, or closing down the house.  But, she knows that when we are scurrying about, there is a road trip ahead.

We have been home almost 7 weeks; time for Izzy to get plenty settled in.  She has a few more favorite places in the house compared to the coach.  Today, it was time to take the boat to the storage unit and bring the motorhome back to start the loading process.

Another warm, humid day, and there wasn't much breeze that made its way into the storage unit.  Once again, we were both wringing wet by the time we finished with that.  Then, the hour long drive back to the house.  Plug in and get some air conditioning going.  Start the fresh water tank sanitizing process.  Then, the loading process... and we have to be more selective this time, since the cargo trailer (with the scoots) isn't going with us; that's a bit like leaving behind a small storage unit.  On the bright side, we don't have to be so concerned with laying in months worth of groceries and paper products - we aren't going to be far from civilization.

Little Izzy watches this process with interest...

Yeah, she knows.

Parked on the north side of the house, there isn't a perch of hers that has a view of that...

She knows.

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