Friday, June 30, 2017

There's a change a comin'...

Nothing to do with the weather.

It has been quiet in this RV park.  In fact, when I was walking Izzy, our motorhome was the only one in this row of about 15 sites.

Friday on a holiday weekend: they are rollin' in... barking dogs, screaming kids, and people who can't follow a campground site map to get to their site (yeah, you have to come at these sits from the right direction).

Not sure how many of the sites in this row are now full, but the ones near us are occupied.  One trailer and 3 cars/trucks.  I wonder if they are determined to find out if the RV manufacturer's claim of how many it will sleep is accurate?  ;-)

The campground is using a loud speaker to advertise their chicken dinner offering (haven't heard that here before)... it feels a bit like being a kid at "sleep away camp."  Well, except the people somewhere around us are smoking cigars.  OK, maybe more like an episode of MASH, without the surgical stuff?  With smokey campfires.

Just a bit ago, an emergency vehicle went by on the road outside the campground.  Sirens going.  We heard at least a half dozen dogs howling around us.  Izzy has a great "What the hell?" face.

While it has been quiet, none of this is a surprise to us... it's the sound of people having fun.  We can close our door and windows, turn on the a/c, and shut the noise out, if we want.  All of the "weekend warriors" who are rolling in is the reason we opted to stay put in one place this week - didn't want to get caught with no place to get off the road.  Plus, we are enjoying upstate New York.

Hope you enjoy your holiday (extended) weekend.

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