Monday, January 8, 2018

Another day...

Another recording.  I was looking to do something simple - just guitar and vocal.  This time, a cover of the Beatles' Let It Be...

Four tracks: the guitar (Emerald X7) in stereo on tracks 1 and 2, vocal on track 3, an intentionally quiet and simple bass on track 4.

Yes, I do more than just record music.  I'm trying to put together a library of some of the songs I've played over the years.

Sunny and breezy out today, temp in the upper 60s; I'd like to be out on the boat.  Yeah, the dredge.

Joan has been working at organizing the storage area under our house; I help by staying out of her way.  Little Izzy's upper respiratory and sinus issues continue improving - she has a follow-up appointment at the vet tomorrow.

 Another day in the Tropical Tip.