Monday, January 1, 2018

Anyone remember the 60s?

If you are too young, you still may have heard the saying: "If you remember the 60s, you really weren't there."

I was there.  I remember a bunch of it.  I remember that February in 1964, seeing The Beatles on Ed Sullivan... that shaped some of my musical life.  Because... you know... chicks, man.  I'm still convinced that 5 years later, being in a band helped convince this young blonde girl to go out with me.

So, here's a tribute to The Beatles, one of my favorites of their songs...

Joan is working on a quilt project; Izzy is snoozing on the couch; I've got time to play in my music room... none of us has any interest in going outside in this snotty weather.


On edit: a couple more songs recorded this afternoon.  The first one is a cover of the Dave Loggins, also covered by Kenny Chesney, Please Come To Boston...

The second is song by Eric Stone, Reggae Guy...

At this rate, if the weather doesn't break soon, I will have used up my whole SoundCloud allotment.  ;-)


Another edit:

There is a full moon tonight - the Wolf Moon - and, it's a Supermoon. I'm trusting that is true because the same heavy overcast that left us with drizzle and making sure the temperature didn't get out of the 40s here (Tropical Tip??) is preventing us from seeing the moon.


Hudson River Boater said...

I was to young to experience the 60's but had some crazy times in the 80's-- My Nose didn't fall off and the Grateful Dead shows didn't turn me into a Acid Head..

I am completely against all Drugs now-- I don't consider Marijuana a drug.. I don't Smoke that anymore-- I know people my age who still do though.. I don't know why or how they do still smoke that S*#t-- CA will all be stoned now..

You sound good..

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Thanks, HRB. I have asthma (well controlled), so I don't smoke anything. Don't even want to be near where anyone is smoking. Anything. Don't even want to be around a campfire.

"Too young to experience the 60s"?? Whippersnapper! ;-)

Legal recreational weed in California - money talks.

Hudson River Boater said...

I was just 6 Years old in 1970-- I did get my first Boat in 1972.. 8' Dinghy with a 2 Hp. Engine..