Wednesday, January 3, 2018

In the words of the philosopher Annie...

"The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow!" Welcome to "tomorrow"... for the first time in 4 or 5 days, the Tropical Tip is sunny once again. Still struggling to get the temperature back where it should be, but I am surprised at the difference in attitude. A tough day in our household yesterday, with a couple hours at the vet, where we found some kind of upper resperatory and sinus bug had our sweet kitty ill. Antibiotics and nose drops, and she seems to be on the mend.

I played guitar this morning, and she hopped up beside me. She is my second biggest fan. We knew she wasn't feeling good when she didn't come running when I pulled down a guitar the past few days.

Music and the "savage" beast.


On Edit: 

Little Izzy is definitely improving.  She has been sleeping on a heating pad, but getting up occasionally to grace us with her presence.  At one point, she poked her head out from where she had been under a blanket...

There is some spark back in the eyes, and she gave me leg rubbing at feeding time (part of our meal ritual).  This photo is unusual, in that you don't see her mane (behind the blanket)... it almost looks like she is at the beauty salon, ready for a haircut (the way that blanket is in front of her).

A better look at the mane...

Sorry for the crappy cell phone image.

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