Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Like the parking lot of the mall around Christmas...

The predicted cold front blew in around 7:00 this morning - it went from a bit of breeze and 60º to north winds at 30 gusting above 40 in just a few moments.  The temp was down to 44º and dropping.  The light drizzle is now blowing sideways.  It is fugly out there.

We met friends Mike and MJ for breakfast at our favorite: Manuel's; good food and lively conversation.  We were wearing winter jackets and gloves.  Joan wanted to stop at the store before going home - I dropped her at the door, with a plan to do a slow circle of the parking lot.  I was amazed that the parking lot was packed - people "stalking" parking spots.  Oh, there were spots available out a ways, but no one wanted to make that walk in this weather.

Joan said it was like people up north stocking up before a blizzard in the store.  She was in and out pretty quick.

Don't get me wrong, the weather is very unpleasant right now.  BUT, it isn't going to be blizzard conditions here.  The forecast for tonight here on the coast is for a low of 37º - colder than typical by any standards, but not cause for alarm.  Tomorrow's high is supposed to be 45º... school has been cancelled in some nearby communities for tomorrow.  Yes, really.

We are comfortably warm in the house with the heat going, including the electric fireplace.  Could be worse: we could be up north, up to our asses in snow.  Don't miss that one bit.

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