Tuesday, January 2, 2018

The furry girl...

Little Izzy had a tough weekend - the poor little furry girl isn't feeling good.  A trip to Dr. Julie (Izzy's vet) shows that she has a low grade fever, possibly a nasal and upper respiratory issue.  She didn't eat much over the last couple days, and that is an issue with cats.  An antibiotic shot and nose drops - we're hoping this gets her feeling better soon.

This isn't her typical bright-eyed face...

Dr. Julie's office didn't have any available appointments for the next few days, but we were told we could come in right away and they'd work us in where they could - "Prepare for a wait."  Fifty minutes later, we were into an exam room... better than I usually get at a doctor with an appointment.

Izzy does not like being poked and prodded, but she is pretty docile - she won't bite or scratch; but she is a little powerhouse  She will squirm and kick her way out of being held.  It takes two of us to administer the nose drops.  I'd like to think she knows it is for her own good.

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