Sunday, January 28, 2018

The games people play...

If you said, "Joe South, 1968," you get 500 bonus points.  If you said, "That song won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Song that year," you get an additional 1,000 bonus points.

When we gather for Christmas, we exchange gifts and then play games for additional prizes.  Since we weren't able to be together for this past Christmas, we had our "tradition" last night.  Steph and Joan cooked.  It was a good time.

The "Princess Palace" we got for the grandkitties was a success.  There were quite a few cat-related gifts for Steph.  Socks were high on the agenda.  For me, it was guitar-related stuff.  Dan got art and design supplies and books.

When it came time for the games, a new one was introduced: "Watch Your Mouth!"  It uses plastic mouth-spreaders, and you try to guess what your game partner is trying to say.  The premise is simple - the difficulty comes in trying not to laugh while you look so stupid in the process...

If you win, you get to pick a wrapped prize or an envelope (which may contain a gift card or cash).  You aren't done though: along with each prize, you have to pick a directive... it may tell you to pass the gift to the right... or, flip a coin; heads you keep it, tails you put it back.  Apparently, I was not allowed to do the directives this year, after the "Give your prize to Jim," directives that were promised.  It keeps things interesting and mostly equitable.

Good to be together.

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