Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Being people...

That's what we call it after a hectic time: just getting to be people again.

Today was the first day of that.  It felt great to sleep in our own bed again.  Little Izzy was SO happy to be home.  We usually start our day with some pastries and coffee (for Joan) and hot chocolate (I still haven't grown up).  Izzy gets snuggle time with Joan.  We all watch the Today Show.  Joan makes breakfast, I entertain them with some guitar.  Izzy gets brushed.  Then, we get ready to take on the day... that's why I am happy to not be on a schedule.

After all the cold weather of the past 10 days up north, it was an absolutely beautiful day in the Tropical Tip: sunny, clear blue sky, light breeze, temps in the 70s.  Joan said, "Can we get the scoots out today?"

"You had to ask?"

We ran some errands, then did a late lunch at our used-to-be, then-wasn't, and-now-has-been-really-good-again local Italian restaurant.  After a leisurely lunch, we ran the scoots across the causeway and cruised around South Padre Island.  Just because.  On the way across the causeway, we saw a group of dolphins playing in the bay... yes, it is very good to be home.

Just as we were pulling into our driveway, my phone rang: friends/neighbors Mike and MJ.  We backed the scoots out and went by their place for a visit.  They have settled nicely into the island lifestyle.  They told us the fishing as been crap; not a problem for us since we don't fish.

Getting close to sunset, and we're settling in for the evening.  The only driving was on the scoots and just for the fun of it.  The door is open, a nice breeze coming in through the screen.

Nice to "be people" again.

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