Sunday, January 19, 2014

Butt puckering...

No last minute rushing around.  The 5th wheel is loaded, waiting for us in the storage unit.  The cargo trailer is loaded, the bikes are strapped down.  A few personal things to put in the truck in the morning, put down the last hurricane shutter, and we are off.

I had just finished strapping down the second bike this afternoon when I got an e-mail that made my butt pucker.  My buddy, Herb, and his walking companion Dr. Jake the wonderdog, mixed it up with a pickup truck.  While they were walking, crossing with the light, in a marked crosswalk.  It is fortunate that Herb saw the truck at the last moment and was able to move fast enough to not get run over.  They are banged up.  My heart hurts for our friends and we send out our best wishes for nothing turning up tomorrow.

I have frequently written about the terrible drivers here.  Aggressive.  Inconsiderate.  And, many uninsured.  There ought to be a law... oh, yeah, there is: pretty sure it is illegal to rundown pedestrians in a crosswalk, especially when they have the "walk" light.

We all know life can change in a heartbeat.

Rest and heal, my friend.

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