Tuesday, January 7, 2014


We are in a motel room for several days.  The funeral is tomorrow.  Other family stuff today.

Little Izzy has the run of the room (we booked the one and only pet room) here in the motel.  It is fun looking out the window...

Not much else to do.  Too damn cold to go for a kitty walk outside, even with her sweater on.  She divides her time between naps in the security of her carrier and "exploring" the room.

We will not get to see our sweet little girl this trip.  Not Izzy, I'm talking about Stephanie.  She was scheduled to fly out today and I was going to pick her up at the nearest commercial airport, 75 miles away.  Her flight from Phoenix to Chicago was cancelled.  She is sad that she won't be able to get here.  Stuff happens.  Especially in the winter in the midwest - winter stuff happens.

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