Saturday, January 4, 2014


An absolutely beautiful day in the Tropical Tip.  A tailwind as we rolled north.  Driving the speedlimit, and still getting almost 20 mpg in Big Red; she feels like a sports car without a heavy tow behind her.

Moteling it this trip.  As darkness set in, we started looking for a place to stay.  The first three places didn't allow pets.  Izzy was offended... she muttered something about "catism."  Our 4th stop was at a Comfort Suites; I was told by one of the other places that they have pet rooms.  When I asked at the front desk, the kid told me, "It is a $35 pet fee."

"$35??  For a seven pound cat?  One who won't make a peep, and is the sweetest animal on earth??"

"What if it pees on the floor?" he asked.

"There is more chance that YOU would pee on the floor than that sweet cat!"  He could tell I was not happy.

"Well, I may have done that when I was drunk..."  At least the kid has a sense of humor.  When I laughed at his joke (I think it was a joke), he said, "I'll waive the pet fee, but, really, don't let her pee on the floor."

"No problem.  Thanks."

It is a nice room.  Not exactly a "suite", but a comfortable couch, a desk, and it all looks new... it should for the price.

While going from the elevator to our room, we walked past a room with two dogs barking; sounded like small rat dogs (that's what Izzy calls 'em).  Izzy said, "And that guy thought I would be a problem??"  The cat has a point.  ;-)

In the meantime, all we hear on the news is talk about the frigid cold north of us.  We will drive into it tomorrow.  After a stop at the store before going back to the room, Joan said, "I brought you a surprise."  I was thinking: lingerie for her... nope, longjohns for me.

With what we're about to head into, I may be very grateful.

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