Thursday, January 30, 2014

Not a long trip...

We moved from Tucson to Phoenix.  As I was getting the 5th wheel ready to roll, some new folks pulled in across the street... and he has a scooter.  A nice looking 250 Vespa.  I did take a few minutes to visit.  Nice guy - his name is Jim.  Timing.

An uneventful drive north.  Our timing was intentional to avoid the rush hour traffic in Phoenix.  We are in a nice resort about a half hour north of our daughter's place.  The other place we stay is much closer... this place is nicer.  We'll head to the other place next month.

We got to see our little girl and Dan this evening - and made some plans for watching the Superbowl at their place; their TV is MUCH bigger than ours.  Dan is a big football fan... well, for his Packers.

When we left the 5th wheel to head to their place, it was after dark.  Some folks in this park have lights on their palm trees... or lights around their patio.  One block looked like they were decorated for Christmas.  I like that.  :-)

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