Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Skipped a day...

Not a time warp.

We had a leisurely morning.  Didn't get the coach ready to roll in the dark, just the cold.  The only plan I had for departure: get gas at the nearby Flying J and a yummy Loaded Omelet Biscuit at Carl's Jr.  If you haven't had one, I give it two thumbs up.  For those who live in a part of the country where Hardee's abound, they offer the same breakfast sandwich.  Fresh made biscuit, an omelet with bacon, sausage, and ham, and cheese.  How many calories, you ask?  It tastes like a bite of heaven in your mouth - who gives a rat's rear how many calories??  Seriously, don't eat one every morning, but enjoy it when you can.  Umm... that wasn't a rant, was it?

With that buttery biscuit on my lips, we pointed the rig west.  Our tentative stop for the night was Benson, Arizona.  We were running ahead of schedule (truth be told, I blew away the 2/2/2 Rule not to get across west Texas, but so I could have that Loaded Omelet Biscuit this morning... but, I digress); Joan said, "Do you want to roll into Tucson a day ahead of schedule?"


We made reservations for this week in Tucson last October (Joan plans ahead).  The campground was part of LazyDays RV (dealership) at that time.  Since then, they became a KOA.  I am not a big fan of KOA due to their "add-on pricing" tactics.  When Joan called, they didn't have our reservation - that's when she discovered it had changed ownership.  We wanted to add an 8th day on to our stay.  They got it all straightened out, and we were good to roll on in.

It has been a long time since we've been to this campground.  I remembered it being wide open and spacious.  And when we got here... yep, it is wide open and spacious.  The site can easily accommodate our length, and there is a blacktop pad to park the truck.  A cement patio with a table and chairs.  And, a shade tree that doesn't interfere with our slide outs or scrapes our roof.

You might notice that big blue semi truck in the site next to us in the top photo.  When getting hooked up, I met Craig, the owner.  He and his wife and two kids (3 & 7) are touring around the US (he is from Australia) with that truck and what looks to be a custom built 53' trailer.  His previous stop was in the Phoenix area, and he got turned away... from a couple 55+ parks.  He had no idea.  Same place we were several decades ago... well, without the semi and the custom trailer.  ;-)

I saw a Harley-Davidson V-Rod with straight pipes parked outside the trailer... yeah, I just know that is gonna be LOUD.  He asked, "How long are you here?"

"8 days, and then north to the Phoenix area for a couple months," I told him.

"We are just here tonight, then off again in the morning."  Whew!  He told me they are heading for South Padre Island.  Yes, we visited a bit about that.  Mostly, he wanted to know why we would leave that to come to the desert... "Our daughter and son-in-law are in Phoenix, so that's where we are headed."

I was wearing a BMW Motorcycles t-shirt (two bikes ago, but I still have the shirt).  He asked, "I see your shirt - do you have bikes in the trailer?"

I laughed when I saw the grimace on his face when I told him we had a couple scooters in there.  Let him get another 20 years on him, and he might understand.  LOL

For now, we are happy to be down for a while.  Little Izzy is happy to be in the HitchHiker.  We're looking forward to exploring around Tucson - it's been 3 or 4 years since we spent any time here.


Dreamer said...

Jim & Joan, We'll miss you by a couple of days in Tucson. We'll arrive there around the 4th for a month's stay. Looking forward to some warmth. Travel safe and, oh yeah, Go Seahawks!

Roger & Janet

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Roger and Janet - sorry we'll miss you. We'll be in Phoenix on the 1st, for a couple months.

You should have some beautiful weather while you're in Tucson. Let me know if you wander anywhere north, and maybe we can meet up.

Have fun with the land traveling.

Best wishes,