Friday, January 24, 2014

Looking for Mr. Gigbag and Three Buck Chuck...

It's a cool, windy day in Tucson.  The scooters stayed in the cargo trailer.  After breakfast at the restaurant in the RV park, we went out in the truck.

Joan had looked up some places for us to shop: she was looking for a Trader Joe's, among other places, and I am still looking for a gigbag for my RainSong.  It didn't take me long to find Rainbow Guitars, the place in Tucson for guitars.

Armed with the Garmin GPS and Joan's iPad, we set out.  Tucson is spread out, with a population over half a million.  First stop: Rainbow Guitars.  It didn't look like much on the outside, but it was pretty impressive inside...

Into the acoustic room - they had the best stock of Taylors of any store I've been in...

... including some very high-end models.  I went there looking for a gigbag, but just had to try out some of these beauties.  Very nice! With some playing done, we went back out in the main part of the store to see what they had for gigbags.  A few, it turns out.  Nothing perfect, but one that might work.  I may stop back with my guitar to try it out.

Joan had Total Wine on her list, and the iPad took us right to it.  And right next to it: 5 Guys.  For my buddy, Pat: this is the opposite of sprouty, yuppie sandwiches - gimme a bacon cheeseburger!  I can't speak for the Blonde, but my dining experience today was much better than yesterday... even without the cookie.

We drove around, found the crowded Trader Joe's, and picked up some cheese, chips, and 3 Buck Chuck (that will take care of this evening's dining experience).  Yes, that used to be Two Buck Chuck; inflation.  Hit up another music store - very small compared to Rainbow Guitars, but the young lady there could not have been nicer.  No gigbags that will work for my RainSong, though.  On to a Guitar Center (some call them the Wal-Mart of guitar shops)... what a different experience: someone banging on drums, several people pounding out power chords on electric guitars... and hardly any gigbags.  I poked my head in the acoustic room there... busy.  Sensory overload.

Back to the RV park for some cat walking and settling in for the evening.

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