Sunday, February 2, 2014

Happy Ground Hog's Day!

Yes, it's that time - time to prepare the feast: meatballs (turkey and beef), nachos, chicken wings/tenders, chips, dips, salsa, pizza... oh, and I hear there's a football game on today, too.  ;-)

This has been a tough winter in much of the country.  The Tropical Tip hasn't been so tropical since before Thanksgiving.  The mid-west and east have been hammered by the infamous polar-vortex.  California and much of the southwest are severely dry.  If that ground rodent sticks his head out and sees his shadow, I say we add Ground Hog to the meatball variety... no one needs another 6 weeks of this crappy weather.

On the bright side, it is (and has been) clear and sunny here in the desert.  And, we'll be heading to Steph and Dan's to watch the big game on a BIG TV.  Joan will be rooting for Denver, which leaves me Seattle.  Since the Packers aren't in it, Dan could be swayed either way.  Steph is happy that Joan volunteered to do some baking (oh, there will be a cake, too) and cooking.  I'm here for the food and the commercials.  ;-)


On edit:

HUGE crowds when we went to the store!  I saw on the news that today is the second largest "food consuming" day, right behind Thanksgiving.  I believe it.


Another edit:

The game is over.  Two fine teams, one had a good day, the other didn't.  A different day, and the outcome may have been different.  Seattle made the right moves, didn't have a single turn-over.  Congrats to the SeaHawks and their fans.

On the food front, Joan's game-day snacks were a big hit!

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