Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hooking up...

No, not that.  My ever-dependable MacBook Pro continues to be a pain in the ass with the internet connection.  It refuses to hook up... Until you take it into the Apple Store.

Another "genius" appointment today... Similar results, but the "genius" was a nice lady closer to my age than the condescending kid from last week.  She suggested I upgrade to Mavericks, the newest operating system.  I wasn't so sure, having read less than great reviews.

So, once away from the store, I started the Mavericks download/install process.

Two hours later, I have a new operating system that does exactly the same thing.  Honestly, I am usually pretty good working through computer issues.  The intermittent nature of this problem is particularly frustrating.  Joan's solution: buy another computer and kwitcherbitchin... I'm thinking this is a solvable problem, even if has stumped a couple of "geniuses."

(Posted from my iPad). ;-)


Label Me If You Wish said...

What's the nature of the problem? While I'm not a "genious", I know my macs better than most of those pimply face geniouses (geniousi?) at the mac store.

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Using my iPhone 5s as a hotspot. The MacBook Pro will intermittently not connect to the phone. Other devices (iPads, another Mac) all connect fine. Running the set up assistant or diagnostics shows the phone as a wifi hotspot, but will not connect. Occasionally says "connection timeout" within 2 seconds of trying to connect. Occasionally says "incorrect password" (it isn't incorrect). The "geniuses" want to blame Verizon - not the case, since the other devices connect fine. Something, somewhere is set wrong on the MacBook Pro. I have searched and followed tips... no difference.