Saturday, February 15, 2014


Yes, it was Valentine's Day.  Joan had plans to get some work done around Steph and Dan's house and suggested John and I go do a "guy day."  Yeah, that doesn't sound very romantic.  ;-)

John and I were heading north to another gliderport, when he said he'd like to see the model homes in a very nice 55+ development just north of Steph's.  We turned into the gated community, got a tag for the car mirror from the nice lady at the gate, and headed towards the model homes.

Neither of us wanted to be "stalked" by a salesperson - fortunately, another nice lady at the desk in the sales center said we could walk through the models on our own, but if we wanted to know prices, we'd need to visit with a sales person.

As we walked up to the first model home, it was very apparent they were going to be very nice... and opening the door, we weren't disappointed.  There were a few people as we walked in and out of the 8 homes on display... pretty sure we looked like "a couple" as we walked through the place, discussing the closets and amenities... on Valentine's Day.  Not that there's anything wrong with that (Seinfeld reference ;-) ).

From there, it was time for lunch.  Then, the next planned stop: the Apple Store.  John had not been in an actual Apple Store before; it took a lot of effort, but we "converted" him years ago from a dated PC to an iMac.  He has shown some interest in Steph and Joan's iPads - especially regarding the aviation related apps.  Like most people's first visit to an Apple Store, there is a bit of sensory overload... then, the realization that it's OK to touch and play with the display models... and no one is going to try to hard-sell you.  I answered a lot of his questions, and we called in a sales person to answer one regarding size.  iPhones, iPad, and MacBooks, oh my!  Like the model homes, we didn't buy anything, but it was interesting showing him the different options.

By this time, it was around 3:00, so we decided to scrap the gliderport.  I gave him a short tour of where we are staying on the way back to Steph's ... he quickly decided the accommodations at Steph's are more to his liking than the couch in our 5th wheel.  ;-)

Back at Steph's, Joan had chicken enchiladas for all of us when Steph and Dan got home from work.  It is fun to sit around the table, visiting about everyone's day.

John is off to California for a few days, Steph and Dan will have "date day", and Joan and I have the tough decisions to make: take to the scoots or get some sun by the pool.  Sunny, with a high in the 80s today.  I'm liking that!


Bill K said...

You can reverse that 80° to 08° and that is what I have outside right now. :((

Bill Kelleher

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Yeah... I think I'll stay where it's warm; don't miss the cold a bit.