Monday, February 24, 2014

No schedule...

Seems like that hasn't been the case the past month or so.  Today, we got up and didn't have to be anywhere or run any errands.  Joan asked, "So, are we going to go play with the scoo...?"

Before she could finish the sentence, I was opening the trailer to get the scooters out.  Another beautiful day here in the desert: high in the low 80s, 33% humidity, clear blue sky, wind about 5 mph.

First stop with the scoots was a nice, leisurely lunch out.  Then, we formulated a plan...

"Which way do you wanna go?"

"I dunno - how about north?"

Yeah, that was as detailed as it got.  We rode north, then west.  We found ourselves in Happy Valley.  I expected lots of smiling people... didn't see that.  We doubled back to the 303 Loop - parts of it are still under construction, so we decided to ride it out to the south to see how it was coming.  Mostly done from the northwest side of the Loop, with 6 lanes.  Some 2 lane stuff for a couple miles, with construction on-going.  Speed limits varied from 65 mph to 25 (in the middle of the construction).  The scooters handled it all fine.  The new helmets have really quieted the wind noise... now, it sounds like driving in the car with the windows open.  With the half-helmets, it sounded like driving in the car with your head out the window.  Quieter is better.

Joan commented again about "how smooth" her scoot feels at speed.  May be a function of it breaking in, but I do agree with her on that.  55 mph is perfectly comfortable on these scoots - no "buzzy" feeling.  There is more speed to be had, if you need it.  These things continue to impress me.

Some of you know we spent a couple summers in Grand Teton National Park.  There is some fine motorcycle riding to be had there and in Yellowstone National Park... BUT, the speed limit in both parks is 45 mph.  I had to get out of the parks to get my V-Strom above 4th gear - these scoots would have been perfect there!  As it is, they are fine "urban cruisers": we both had some left-overs from lunch... put that in the storage under the seats and we're good to go.

The guy at the front gate at the resort where we're staying recognizes the scoots as we come in... we don't have to show our entrance pass; he just smiles and waves and says. "One of these days, I'm going to get one of those."

We stopped to fuel up today; about half this tank has been at highway speeds.  I expected a drop in mpg.  I was wrong.  I got exactly 100 miles per gallon, Joan logged in at 108.  I could go on about the economy, but for us it is all about the fun!

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