Monday, February 10, 2014

Play day...

My brother-in-law doesn't get in until late this afternoon... time for us to get some running around done.  We found out about an organization called Dress for Success that provides nice work clothes to women in need... one suit for applying for a job.  When the applicant gets a job, they provide a weeks worth of work appropriate clothing.  Joan had quite a few nice suits that she hoped someone would get some use out of - this place looked like a good match.

It is on the other side of town; since we had a lot of clothing to donate, we took the car.  The nice lady Joan dealt with at Dress for Success was delighted with the donation.  With that done, Joan mapped out some other stops, for me: guitars and scooters.

Next stop was at a great guitar shop called Bizarre Guitar, located near downtown Phoenix.  What a great selection of Taylor (and other) acoustic guitars!

Work your way back on that wall, and I found another "can't live without" guitar... that I will be living without.  My stable is full, but it is fun to see what great stuff the Taylor factory creates.

Then a stop at a tattoo shop.  I have some ink that is in dire need of updating.  I visited with the artist there (who came highly recommended) who said he could do something with my old tattoo.  He will work something up for me to consider... what the heck - I'm already hurtin' from the root canal (yes, still).  ;-)

Then, a stop for lunch.  Joan voted for another sandwich shop, so we tried Wildflower Bread Company... two thumbs up.  The lady who waited on us found out it was our first time there, and she brought us a slice of cherry pie to try.  You have to appreciate a company that knows how to cultivate new customers.

With bellies full, it was off to check out some scooters.  We checked out the new Vespa 946, a $10k 150cc scooter.  Yes, it was very cute, in a very Italian sorta way.

10 grand cute?  I'm sure there are Vespa enthusiasts who will be buying that to put in their living room as a piece of art.

Off to a slightly lesser expensive alternative, a scooter shop that has SYM, Kymco, Genuine, and other options...

That's a 200cc scooter... you could buy two of those, and have enough money left over for a trip to Italy... for the same money as that Vespa above.  ;-)

On the way back to the HitchHiker, we passed the sign that makes me chuckle every time...

Oxy-moron?  Everyone knows Sun City is a large 55+ planned community.  Youngtown?  Maybe that depends on the perspective?

Off to Steph and Dan's to be there for John's arrival.


MarkJ said...

Since you're in NW Phoenix you should go visit Wickenburg. Dude Ranch capital of the world!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Ever see City Slickers? Yeah, that would be me. ;-)