Sunday, February 16, 2014


Not peace and quiet.

Today was a scooter day.  We did some exploring around this part of town, then rode north to the Lake Pleasant area.  Speeds were 35 to 55 mph, depending on the roads; perfect for these scoots.  At that upper speed range, our half-helmets are noisy (wind noise).  I've been researching a different helmet - I really wanted a full-face helmet; they are safer in an accident.  But, every model I've tried on made me feel like my head was in a vise, and they were limiting on peripheral vision.

While driving through the Happy Valley area of Peoria, we came across another Helmet Center in a new shopping area.  We decided to stop on our way back through.  Our new friend Garrett was helpful - we tried on several models, but both decided a 3/4 helmet would be the compromise on fit and comfort.  We each picked a model with a nice sealing face shield and an integral sun-visor that flips down.

The test came after pulling away from the store - checking the helmets out at speed.  Yep, much quieter.  Plus, I feel like a fighter pilot with the flipdown integral sun-visor.  ;-)

We met Steph and Dan for an early supper at Five Guys.  I have been craving a big ol' juicy burger, and have been outvoted on that the last few days.  My need for meat has been quenched!

We got home just after sunset.  I didn't bring a camera along on the ride today, but did get this sunset...

Nice day.

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