Friday, February 7, 2014

Stumbled on it...

No, I didn't trip and fall.

Today was going to be "Go To The Movies" day.  Joan got a hot deal on Groupon.  We arrived at the theater about a half hour early.  The lady in the ticket office looked at the paper Joan had printed out for our tickets and said, "I have no idea what you have here.  Besides that, Wolf of Wall Street isn't playing here anymore.

Yes, that was the movie Joan booked.  At this particular theater.  On this particular date.  And, as it turns out, this has been the nicest day of the last few... it would have been a great scooter day... you know, if we didn't have a movie planned right in the middle of the day.  A move that isn't at this theater.  That we drove a half hour to get to.

The lady went to get the manager.  Nothing else at this theater I wanted to see.  After a wait, the manager gave Joan passes to another movie.  And, suggested she get her money back from Groupon.

Hot deal.  I hear it's a good movie.  ;-)

This morning (way before heading to the movie), Joan was looking at new MacBooks online.  She asked me about the processor speed and RAM on my current MacBook Pro.  While looking up that info on the computer, she suggested I look at the specs on the wifi.  I was also able to see all the other hotspots around us - LOTS of 'em.  Seems that most RVers have a router in their motorhome or 5th wheel these days.  A light bulb went on: Joan said, "Remember when we had a problem at Hart Ranch a couple years ago because the park's wifi was on the same channel as your phone?"  Yep, almost every wifi hotspot around us is on the same channel as our phone/hotspot.

"Can you change the channel?" she asked.

"I don't know.  I could on the Droid; don't know about the iPhone."  A quick check online and... nope.  Not without jailbreaking the phone.  However, we now know why my computer is having an issue with the phone's hotspot signal.

Now that I don't have to get a new computer, I want one.  ;-)

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