Saturday, February 15, 2014

You can tell you're getting older...

When the "urban cruising" you do on your motorscooter takes you through Sun City! ;-)

We were exploring the area to the north of the resort we are in.  Circumstances have taken us south the past couple weeks (the dentist, Steph and Dan, John visiting) - today, we got the scoots out and rolled north.  Mostly, just looking around at all the retail (and restaurants).  We knew we had to be back to our site by 1:30 to meet Steph and Dan for lunch.  As we were rolling east on Bell Road (a major thoroughfare), Joan said, "I think Del Webb is a main drag running north/south."

Yep.  The traffic was heavy on Bell Road, much lighter on Del Webb.  If that name (Del Webb) sounds familiar to you, he was the one who founded Sun City.  Sun City is well known as a 55+ residential community.  It is a BIG place.  We saw a few people driving around in their golf carts, but no one else on scooters or motorcycles... I guess we need to head back to the resort where we are staying... the one for the "active adult lifestyle."  ;-)

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