Tuesday, September 30, 2014

3 for the road...

Remember that TV show from the 70s?  It was about a photographer and his two sons, who traveled around in their motorhome, doing photography assignments and having adventures.  I must have been influenced by that show.  ;-)

When Stephanie was little, we would travel around in our campervan... she called it "3 for in the road."  Yeah, way too cute.  After Steph went off to college, and the Blonde and I were able to get away more often, we took Smoke the cat everywhere in our motorhomes.  That cat was on both coasts, Canada and Mexico.  Truth be told, I think Joan lobbied for a motorhome so we could take the cat with us (we traveled by plane before that... we took the cat in the plane... once... it wasn't pretty).  Not as cute as little Stephanie's saying, but we called it "2 and a cat for in the road."

Molly got to experience that and the boat cruising.  Same with little Izzy.  In fact, Izzy seems to be happiest in the 5th wheel: plenty of room to roam, windows all over, comfortable furniture to lay on, and three steps from the upstairs to the living room to launch off from!

Except for the "launching off" part, I think I am a lot like Izzy.  The HitchHiker is very comfortable.

We decided to do a bit of wandering before our builder gets back (to do some work on the house).  When I picked Izzy up to put her in her carrier (something she actually likes), she hissed.  Not a "I don't want to go in there," hiss; more of a "don't even THINK of putting me in a motel again!!" hiss.  I tried to tell her that we were taking out the HitchHiker - she put her paws over her ears and said, "Nyah, nyah, nyah!  I'm not listening to you!"

It is almost an hour from our house to the storage unit.  Izzy road in her carrier the whole way.  It took us almost another hour to load the last of the stuff in the HH, get the tonneau cover off the truck bed, and the 5th wheel hitch into the truck.  We are not on a schedule, but we were rolling 15 minutes soon than I anticipated.  (That's not a schedule, though, right?)

Izzy came out of her carrier enroute, but she wasn't wearing her happy face...

She could see the HitchHiker behind us - I think she knew we weren't going to do the motel thing again.  Joan put her food and potty box in the truck when we stopped for lunch... that makes for a happy cat.  She did spend some time beside me in the driver's seat...

That is actually a blissful face - she is getting a neck rub, alternated with a chin rub.  She is getting happier.  The entire drive from the PNW to Phoenix to Texas, she did not sit with me like this.

We pulled into an RV resort mid-afternoon...

The fresh water tank needs to be sanitized and flushed.  We wanted to check out all the systems in the 5th wheel since we weren't able to stay in it before heading out.  Looking good.

Well, Mother Nature did have some fun with us enroute today - we ran into rain 3 or 4 times... for a minute or two each time.  Enough to run the wipers on solid, but then it would quit.  Right before a construction area, with some blowing dirt.  So it would stick to the wet truck and 5th wheel.  Then rain again.  Then dust again.

That Mother Nature - what a bit... um, jokester.


MarkJ said...

Hate to mention this but you're a month or so early for Phoenix. Still miserably hot there till November. Oh yea, little girl is there. Right on time!!!!

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Our stay in Phoenix was so we could see our daughter and son-in-law (and the grand-cats). Yep, it was HOT. We'll head back there again early next year.