Saturday, September 13, 2014


The four of us went out for breakfast.  Nice way to start the day.  Back at Steph and Dan's house, we decided it was time for Izzy to get some "face time" with her cousins.  Well, Steph is our daugher... and Isabella is our little furry girl... so, I guess, technically, that makes Izzy the aunt of Jake and Torrie (Steph and Dan's cats)... if you assign family positions to pets... and we do.  BUT, to make things easier, I'm calling them cousins, since Izzy is a lot younger than Steph's cats.

We put Izzy in her carrier, Steph put Jake in his carrier (with a lot of "nudging").  We put the carriers near each other.  There was some growling, some hissing, some whimpering.  You might think since Jake is bigger than Izzy, he would be the aggressor... you would be mistaken.  I don't know if Izzy has a Napoleon complex, or if she doesn't realize she is a petite 8 pound cat... but, she gets a low guttural growl that makes dogs back off.  Being a long-hair, she (perhaps) looks bigger than she really is... her head is much smaller than Jake's, but she has that "mane" around it.

Now, I'm not saying that Steph's cat is a big wussy-boy... well, I may be kinda saying that.  Keep in mind that this is the cat that nearly took Joan's thumb off when we tried to introduce Molly to Jake.  We opened the door to his carrier, thinking he might stick around, since Izzy was still in hers - nope, he went to get his sister (older and smaller) to come out and check out the new tough chick.  She sniffed at the carrier and walked away... nothing scary here.

So, they're not going to play together around the house.  Probably a good indication that Izzy isn't going to get a furry little sister anytime soon, either.

We are enjoying some non-driving time this weekend.  Joan is cooking.  There is room to roam.  We get to spend some time with the kids.  And no schedule... I like no schedule.



Bob said...

I keep your blog link under "Boats" in My Favorites. As I see Wild Blue and her new owners are back in the C-Brat site, where am I going to put you now as in where are you two going next? New RV, new boat, new house, new summer job, new guitar (that is a granted) or ??? have a good time with the kids!
Bob Jarrard

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Hi Bob,
Hard to categorize us, huh? We are being asked, "What's next?" a lot... just some time off from schedules. No sights set on the "next boat" - we're enjoying time with our daughter and son-in-law right now and will be heading for the Tropical Tip in the near future. No firm travel plans.