Thursday, September 25, 2014

I don't think this is working...

It was late when we rolled in, and we were both tired.  The air conditioning didn't seem to be cooling like it should.  We had a new unit installed last year.  In May, it needed a new expansion valve - it was leaking all the coolant out.

Well, looks like more of the same... again.  We called the guy that serviced it previously.  He said he was working out of town, but would have someone come out to look at it.  They didn't.  I called him again; he said he call me back.  He didn't.

Yeah, that's typical for trying to get service work done here.  I called our builder (also out of town right now); he did call me back and said he would have someone locally out to look at it in the morning.

If you're keeping track: yes, we got to sweat like farm animals at Steph's place, waiting for the a/c service guy when we first got there.

I didn't get much sweating in while we were in the PNW... I'm making up for it now.

We are looking forward to some RV time, but we aren't going anywhere until this a/c gets fixed.  Up north, you keep heat on in the winter, even when you aren't home.  Same thing here with the air conditioning; a closed up house with no a/c can be a bad situation.

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