Sunday, September 7, 2014


Joan and I have done our best to make the delivery experience good for Tim and Mary.  They have been most gracious, as well.  I can't imagine a boat selling/buying experience going any better than this.

Tim purchased a map data chip for the Raymarine chartplotter that is in the boat.  We have chips for many areas in the US and Canada, but not for where they are headed.  When he tried that chip in the chartplotter last night, it didn't work.  Since all the other chips we gave him with the boat work fine, it was apparent that the new chip was somehow corrupted.  That doesn't make the situation any better for Tim and Mary, since they are planning to head out soon.  As you'd expect, no Navionics tech support is available on the weekend.

A C-Brat friend came to the rescue.  I put out the word that we would like to borrow a chip to make sure the chartplotter is functioning normally, and possibly allow Tim and Mary to use the chip for their trip, so they won't be delayed.  This C-Brat (not naming any names) made it easy for us to get the chip.

Yes, it works fine in the chartplotter.  When they are done moving in, Tim and Mary will be able to head out when it suits them, instead of having to wait for another chip to come from Navionics.

Very kind.  Boat folks are like that.

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