Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The shuffle...

Not a dance.  Not what the boat crews call the search for wildlife around Spieden Island.

The scooters are strapped down in the cargo trailer, and we have moved stuff between the truck, trailer, and boat... getting gear where it needs to be.

Today begins our move off of San Juan Island.  We return uniforms this morning, then head for the ferry.  We could split up, with me driving the boat over, while Joan takes the truck and trailer... but, that's not our style.  Our plan for today is to get the truck and trailer on the ferry and to the mainland, then catch another ferry back to Friday Harbor.  Overnight on Wild Blue, then our last trip with her to Anacortes.

We'll check into a motel, get our personal stuff off the boat, deep clean it, then hand it over to Tim and Mary.  We plan to be available to familiarize them with the systems on the boat and answer any questions.

A bittersweet time, for sure, but we are ready for a change.  Wild Blue has taken us on great water travels, and we have many wonderful memories.

Time to make some new memories.

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