Sunday, September 21, 2014

Three states, uneventful travel...

We are heading for home... reference the horse heading for the barn.

We had a wonderful time staying with Steph and Dan.  We have our "wing" in their house, with our own bedroom and bathroom.  No, not the same as having your own travel conveyance, but we try to be good guests.  We even left them some pizza in the fridge when we left.  ;-)

Today, all we were looking to do was make some miles.  Uneventful miles.  The truck pulling the cargo trailer.  We keep our speed down to 65 mph or so when towing... that makes us one of the slower vehicles on the Interstate.  We stopped for food, gas, and potty.  Here's how uneventful the drive was today...

That's the view of the rocky terrain at the rest area we stopped at in Arizona.  A three-state day today, crossing Arizona, New Mexico, and into Texas... we are about 1/3 of the way home.

This is high desert terrain...

Some occasional interesting mountains, but a lot of scrub brush, not much civilization, and mostly straight roads.  LOTS of semi-trucks going east-west on I-10.

Joan does a great job of finding us motel rooms when we don't have our own conveyance with us.  We have been staying at La Quinta Inns since leaving the Pacific Northwest, due to their pet friendly policies.  Some places we have stayed in the past have charged us $10 to $20 per night for Izzy.  Those same places wouldn't charge extra for a three-year-old child... who will jump on the bed, poop his pants on the furniture, and play with the buttons on the phone.  Izzy doesn't do any of that stuff.

Another couple days, and we will be home.  I'm hoping our next travels will be by RV... which is a WAY more pleasant means of traveling for us.  We also won't be trying to eat up miles.

Izzy is ready for a change of pace... so are we.



Label Me If You Wish said...

On the other hand, I'm not allergic to human 3 years olds (yet).

Captain Jim and the Blonde said...

Oh, I understand why motels/hotels would have "pet rooms"... same reason we always get a "no smoking" room. Pretty sure a motel doesn't charge extra for a no-smoking or no-pet room... just like they don't charge extra to have a small child in the room. Seems to me that an 8 pound cat who travels with her own private potty is less likely to cause any damage or make noise like a small child. Don't get me wrong, I like small children... especially other peoples' small children that won't crap on my furniture, or jump on my bed, or stay up all night crying.

We stayed in a motel last year that charged $15 extra for Izzy, then had the front desk person come with us to the room to make sure she hadn't done any damage. That's why we have been doing LaQuinta hotels this trip - they are pet friendly. No extra charge for little Isabella.

Oh, and you may not be allergic to human 3 year olds, but you can be sure that they are little germ factories. Yeah, I'll take my cat. ;-)